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Camping is a great "back to the basics" holiday for you and your family.  
Over the years we've learned that a little preparation can go a 
long way to ensure a fun and memorable camping vacation.

Here's a few tips that can really make a super fun holiday.

Good Planning  goes a long way to a great vacation. 
Like the old saying - "Plan for the worst, hope for the best !"
Determine your vacation dates and book your camp sites early.  
Family camping is on a big up-swing and there is a lot of demand on the limited camping sites, especially electrical sites.

Booking a 
Ontario Provincial Parks  camping site can get tough if you leave it too late. We recommend that you try the  Ontario Provincial Parks  website and look for sites available for your dates.  If you don't find anything then you can call them directly at 1-888-668-7275. Sometimes they can tell you things the website doesn't show.  All Parks also reserve about 10% of their sites for "first come first served" drive-up campers.
Book your tent trailer early with RENT-A-TENT - "Supply & Demand" comes into play with our trailers too.   Don't be disappointed,  call us as soon as you can.   
Maximize your trunk space by minimizing your supplies & clothing.
View what the Trailers Come Equipped with  & what we suggest for You to Bring
Food -  Plan your meals in advance so you don't take up valuable storage.
Pack foods in plastic containers in advance so you'll have the containers later to use.  Freeze what you can so it acts as ice for other foods. Depending on where you are going, many families either get their food on arrival or along the way.   Save space by only bringing a few days worth and then go to town mid-week to replenish your supplies.
Clothing - Most parks have laundry facilities so you can wash clothes mid-week. Therefore you don't have to bring fresh clothing for your entire holiday.   Bring a warm jacket and extra shoes.
Fuel - we supply one tank of propane with a trailer rental for cooking.  Save space and buy your firewood at the campground.
A good  First-Aid Kit  is invaluable for all those little cuts, bruises, and burns.  Bring some Tylenol and allergy medication just in case.   And don't forget the bug repellent. 
Protect your family with plenty of +30 SPF Sunblock and lots of good hats.  A nasty sun burn on the first day is bad news.
If you booked an electrical site then you may wish to bring a radio, small lamp/ night light, coffee maker, electric fry pan, hair dryer...
Bring some games to play for both outdoor and indoor  (beach toys, badminton, baseball gloves;  board games, cards, puzzles, coloring books).
A comfortable lawn chair is always nice around the campfire.
Prepare a Plan 'B' in case of a rainy day.
Cleaning Supplies - Bring some old rags or towels and mild cleaning products to clean the trailer  with at the end of your camping holiday.  Mr. Clean  disinfectant is great to clean the fridge and floors with, and Vim (cream cleanser) is great for pots & pans and to clean the stove with.

When Camping with our Tent Trailers
We ask that all  would take care in the following:

That there be  NO SMOKING  and  NO PETS  inside trailer.
We ask that you not kill or squish bugs against the canvas, ceiling, or mattress pads. This can leave a very difficult stain to remove.   Please do not apply bug repellent or burn mosquitoes repellent coils inside of the trailer.
Park the trailer at least  20 feet away from of a campfire or cooking pit.
If you have young ones -  you may want to bring some plastic mattress covers to protect against mishaps, spills, and bed-wetters.
The stove should only be lit with the provided BBQ lighter and not with matches.  Please keep the BBQ lighter out of reach of children.
If it becomes necessary to cook inside the trailer, use extreme caution and stick to simple foods that require minimal heat and do not leave an after-odour for the next rental family (ie- bacon or strong spices).  Turn off the propane tank when the stove is not in use.
Please do not use any of our kitchen supplies over an open fire pit (ie. pots and pans, the kettle). That just gets them full of black soot and is very difficult to clean or reuse.

Packing the Trailer - there is a small cavity inside the trailer for soft packing items such as pillows, sleeping bags, card broad boxes, etc.  Please do not pack any hard, rigid, or sharp items inside trailer that may scratch the interior walls such as lawn chairs, coolers, plastic baskets, extra propane tanks, toys, etc.

Please do not place any items on top of the trailer roof such as canoes, bikes or bike racks, etc.

When backing up the trailer please have a Spotter at the rear of the trailer to assist the driver.  Watch for trees, rocks, and other obstacles that might cause damages.

Back up the trailer slowly to prevent Jack-knifing.  Steering can be confusing when backing up a vehicle with a trailer.

Please drive with your vehicle night lights turned on so the trailer lights are also on and bright.

Bring cleaning supplies in order to clean the trailer at the end of camping holiday including the stove, fridge, dishes, the floor, the exterior tent canvas, and any excessive dirt or bug grime on the  outside of trailer.
And lastly, all trailer canvasses are made from a Kevlar material and are already water-resistant. Please do not apply any water proofing spray or any other substances to the canvas or interior of the trailer.

We hope this helps you have a great camping vacation! 

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Rent -A- Tent Trailers Inc.

Barrie, Ontario

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